Z córką po biegu „Zawsze pier(w)si”

Each one of us knows how difficult is to stand on one leg, how hard is to walk along the line. These are the obvious issues. So, very evident that we forget about it on a daily basis,
in spite of a balance in life and business is of great importance. Only, thanks to it we can sleep peacefully, enjoy your life, and notice all small things around.

– a company cannot be maintained by one big Customer. It is a very dangerous situation, because if only this Customer had trouble, withdrew or was in default of payment, our company would get into trouble;

– when you work throughout 18-20 hrs. per day, even it is a necessity at any given time, in the long term such a situation leads to a decrease in performance, mistakes and lower quality;

– all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, even if this work is what he is really fond of;

– it is important to find time for your family, friends and acquittances;

– it is of importance to have time for yourself;

– it is essential to have time for meetings, a membership in the Club, trips for the club meetings;

– and what is of the highest importance, it is worth also having time for sport.

As if you would like to be successful in business, it is worth, practicing sport even as a hobby. Sport teaches endurance, humility, competition and consequence. It shows how to deal with failures and successes, how to cooperate and collaborate. It had been also a casual observation until I checked up that among 10 world’s wealthiest people all of them practice sport, and among a hundred of them, only 3% does not practice sport.

Ogólnopolskie spotkanie Barter Klubu

How to do it? It is difficult and frequently requires a lot of effort, self-discipline and assertiveness. It is hard to combine work (in particular in your own company/sole proprietorship), a personal life (especially when we have a family, a partner, children) and time for ourselves (for your hobby or, simply, to treat it as your leisure time). It is of importance to remember that all these areas – the specialists specify 6-10 important areas – should be in equilibrium, even if a level of achieving the goals is low, it is better for our life and mental health if all these areas are realised in 30% than if one of them is implemented in 100%, and the subsequent one in 10%. It sounds difficult, but it is worth it. Personally, I make a summary once per month, mark where I am in the concerned
moment in my balance circle and I am always aware on what area should I work.

It is worth determining time for work, time for your family, time for your hobby. For instance, I go to a swimming pool with my children on Mondays. It is time designated for us and it must happen something really important that I abandon going out with my children on this day of the week. It happens, but only one or two times a year in spite of I run an advertising agency and we do many things “for yesterday”. After some time, my customers got used to a fact that I am unavailable in the afternoon on Mondays and it turned out that it is problem-free. I recommend to make such an attempt. It often seems to us that something is problematical, not possible to be solved, that it is a matter of life and death, and that it turns out that we can manage this. The customers are able to accept that there are days and time, when we are unavailable. Our home functions much better when we dedicate to it (even a little bit), but time in 100%, and our family calmly waits for a weekend or holidays, because all of them know that it will be time solely and exclusively for them, and not for work. It is really worth to think it over and make plans in such a manner that we have time for everything and then we will do everything quicker, more efficiently and with a smile. What I wish to all of You.

Olga Wilińska