Ground Golf – we play and we win!


Under the banner of health, connecting generations and a reasonable social distance, many Graund Golf tournaments have been held as a sport discipline for everyone. The main organizer of the events was the Mongolian couple Dr. Och Bataa and his wife Dr. Narantuya. WhyStory magazine took the media patronage over the project.

On September 6, 2020, the 3rd Qualification Tournament for the Cup of the Mayor of Somianka took place. On Saturday, September 19, 2020, a ground golf tournament took place in Józefów near Warsaw. It was under the patronage of the Ambassador of Mongolia, Dorj Barkhas, and the meeting took place on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Poland. On October 4, 2020, we met at the Sinus Sports Club during the next Ground Golf tournament. All events were held under the leadership of the AGI Sports Club in Warsaw, run by Dr. Och Bataa with his wife Dr. Narantuya, and under the patronage of WhyStory.

What is Ground Golf?

Ground Golf comes from Japan, in Tottori Prefecture. In Poland it was introduced in 2015. “It’s so easy that anyone can play wherever they want!” You don’t have to be particularly gifted to play Ground Golf. You just need to know when to focus, when to use force, and how to adjust your swing. The rules are just as simple.

Ground golf was made up in Japan in 1982. By disseminating sport in the lives of the inhabitants, the Ministry of Education of Japan tried to promote research into disciplines that could interest everyone. At that time, the city of Tomari (now called Yurihama) from the Tottori Prefecture proposed its idea. With the support of the authorities, as well as cooperation with university and sport instructors, they investigated that a game similar to golf, which they called ground golf, can become a sport for everyone. That is why Tomari will be remembered as the birthplace of ground golf. The city’s name was used in the rules of the game to commemorate it’s orygin. Point 4 says that the ball that hit the hole is called Tomari.

In Japan, the number of ground golf enthusiasts has grown with his birth. The reason for the huge interest in this discipline was simple-great fun.

The Japanese Ground Golf Association conducted rearches comparing the health, physical characteristics and movement abilities of Ground Golf players and average Japanese citizens.

The main goal of the research was to determine the role and importance of sport in the society, as well as to promote its further development, based on reliable scientific research. The researchers aim was to check the incidence of motion syndrome.

Lokomo 1 degree: A state of the beginning of weakness of the locomotor system (bones, muscles, tendons) and the nervous system.

Lokomo stage 2: A state of deteriorated quality of work of the elements of the locomotor system (bones, muscles, tendons) and the nervous system.

The research was based on a survey conducted among players who participated in 1st and 2nd degree coaching training in 2010 and, at the same time, among average representatives of similar age groups. In the group of Ground Golf players: 175 men and 91 women, 166 people in total. In the group of people not related to Ground Golf: 122 men and 137 women, 259 people in total.

Overall: 525 people (297 men and 228 women).

The test results turned out to be incredible. Compared to the average person, the risk of developing the first or second degree of Locomotive Syndrome (Lokomo) is extremely rare among Ground Golf players.

Research in the two-step test showed that the stride range of a Ground Golf player is greater than that of the average person. The shortening of the stride range reduces the speed of movement, reduces the flexibility of the motor organs, increases the risk of possible accidents such as stumbling. To prevent this during aging and old age, you need to work to maintain a balanced step range. The results of the research also show significantly less mental problems or the degree of depression in Ground Golf players than in average people not associated with Ground Golf.

In Poland, the President of the AGI Sports Club in Warsaw, Dr. Och Bataa and his wife Dr. Narantuya, have been promoting this sport since 2015. A married couple of Mongolian origin, performing the doctor’s profession on a daily basis, specializing in both traditional and alternative medicine.

We have very good news for all Ground Golf enthusiasts.

Next year, on May 28-29, 2021, the World Championship will be held in Japan – Kansai, in which over 20 people will take part.

In addition, it is planned;

II Open Europe-Hungary

II Polish Championship in Józefów on September 18-19, 2021, organized by the AGI Club

The first Championship among mayors-Somianki, 19-20 June 2021

The first WhyStory tournament-July 24-25, 2021

Championship among Rotary clubs-21-22-August 2021

We also have an information that in 2021 creation the Polish Ground Golf Federation is planned.

We cordially invite all interested and willing to try their hand. We also keep our fingers crossed for the organizers in the implementation of all projects.

Edited by: Iwona Wolańska-Stachurska, Beata Sekuła