Volkswagen – Safety, Ecology & Innovation

VW I.D. has dimensions of Golf, roominess of Passat and full electromobility. And it is charged quickly.

Volkswagen vehicles have once again been granted the title of The Best & More. According to the magazine’s readers, Volkswagen deserves to be distinguished in three categories – in the van class for Transporter T6, in the group of safe cars for the T-Roc model and among family cars for Volkswagen Sharan.

There are many elements that make Volkswagen one of the top three most popular brands in Poland. The cars manufactured by the company are a very reasonable purchase, taking into account the total cost of maintenance of the vehicle. Total cost of ownership (TCO) takes into account not only the price of the car, but also its operating costs and possible resale price. Only with all these values is the customer able to count how much the car will actually cost. With all these aspects in mind, it can be said that Volkswagen models perform very well. Thanks to the long maintenance intervals, users save money. Additionally, the decrease in value of Volkswagen cars is low. By combining these advantages with attractive service packages, the customers are granted a very attractive offer, which they are able to appreciate as proved by the numerous visits to sale points. ‘We are very pleased with the unwavering trust of our customers,’ says Patryk Tryzubiak from the Volkswagen Group Polska PR team. ‘For years, the Volkswagen brand has been at the forefront of the new car market in Poland.’
The Volkswagen brand puts a strong emphasis on safety. For years, it has been equipping its cars with the latest driver support and safety systems. Often, as the first high-volume brand on the market, it also introduces premium solutions to lower class cars. One example is a system, such as Emergency Assist, whereas in case the driver faints, the car is able to drive to the roadside independently and safely as well as to park and call for help.
The result is vehicles that meet the highest standards of modern automotive industry and which are eye-catching thanks to their modern, attractive design.
‘We are proud of each model which has our brand logo on its mask,’ adds Patryk Trybuziak. ‘We are also very pleased that the readers of the Why Story magazine awarded us with The Best & More award for the models they found in our offer.’

Front doors open at the angle of 90 degrees. Rear doors open electrically.

Vehicles for everyone

The range of products of the brand is very wide. A car for everyone is a principle that Volkswagen consistently adheres to. The company is able to provide solutions for virtually any consumer group. Starting from comfortable and technically advanced city cars, such as up! and Polo models, through a wide range of the SUV segment, which nowadays, is the most popular both in Poland and around the world, and ending with family cars, such as Touran or Sharan, which fulfil their role splendidly.
Passat enthusiasts will be glad to hear that a new generation of this popular car will soon be available on the market. It will be available for sale as soon as in the first half of 2019.

I.D. Vizzion is a luxurious limousine and the successor of Phaeton. It can drive as much
as 650 km on one charge. Next to it is I.D. Crozz. It is a sports crossover with functionalities
of SUV and 4-door coupe.

Electric drive is the future

The innovative solutions developed in construction offices show that the Volkswagen brand is and will continue to be an important player among the manufacturers of electric vehicles. At the moment, the range of products includes two fully electric models, e-up and e-Golf. In a few months, the revolutionary Volkswagen I.D. will have its premiere. Of the whole range of fully electric cars, this is the first car to be built on an innovative, specially developed MEB platform. This car will be a symbol of a completely new quality when it comes to electromobility. Its undeniable advantages are the range of up to 600 km on a single charge, the possibility of very fast charging and a high degree of digitisation. That’s not all. The price of the car is very important information for its future buyers and here, there awaits them a nice surprise. The price is going to be similar to the price of Golf with diesel engine. Of course, the car will be equipped with a number of driver support systems to enhance its safety. However, VW does not intend to stop at this pioneering model. Further models from the I.D. series are already in the process of being prepared. They include the crossover I.D. – Crozz, the I.D. limousine – Vision and a descendant of the popular “cucumber” – I.D. BUZZ. They will be appearing in the commercial offer successively until 2022.
However, that’s not all that the company from Wolfsburg has to say. By 2023, the Volkswagen AG Group, which owns the brand, will allocate nearly EUR 44 billion for the development of electromobility.

Small superheroes – it is not only about cars

In addition to the production of cars, the Volkswagen brand boasts achievements in the area of ecology and safety. However, its activity is not limited to the industrial sphere. Volkswagen is also very socially involved. The brand has created and implemented the “Little Rescuers” programme. Its aim is to promote socially responsible attitudes among children by teaching them how to give first aid. The programme teaches children how to be independent and how to deal with difficult situations. It makes them stronger, more confident and resourceful. Superpower, i.e. the ability to save people’s lives has already been gained by more than 20 thousand children, who in this way have become superheroes.

Electric Volkswagen vehicles will be fully autonomous. They will not only drive without the participation of a driver, but they will also park themselves.

Maciej Conrad, cooperation Tomasz Czarnecki