Andrzej Korpak, the director of the plant, awarded with the title of Leader by Vocation in the category Leader of XXI century, says that everything achieved by the plant has been done by the competent team, which shows great engagement, the highest quality of work and enthusiasm in taking on new tasks.

Opel Manufacturing Poland, the producer of cars and motor engines celebrates this year the Twentieth Anniversary. The first Astra Classic left the production line on 31 August 1998. This initiated the rich history of the production plant, which thanks to the comprehensive experience takes the new challenges and produces more and more advanced cars. Each model produced since that time at the plant has been remarkable in its history: Astra has been the most important and flag model, the microvan Agila has been extraordinary, Zafira has been a technological breakthrough, and Cascada has been a beautiful convertible. – The anniversary always brings memories, which there have been plenty at the Opel plant in Gliwice: amazing models including the main bestseller Astra line, awards that we have received from businessmen, scientists, students or the merge with the plant producing motor engines in Tychy – said Andrzej Korpak, the Chief executive of Opel Manufacturing Poland. – Thanks to those two decades of experience we are well prepared for future challenges, which we face in the automotive industry. We are almost ready for the next event – in 2019 we will start production of modern engines PureTech in Tychy – added Director Korpak.


– In professional life I try to follow the words of Nelson Mandela who said that a good leader is the one that in times of successes stands at the back, behind its team, but in the times of challenges and threats is in the front line – says Andrzej Korpak, the Chief executive of Opel Manufacturing Poland.

Andrzej Korpak, the graduate of the Mechanical-Electrical Faculty at the Silesian Technological University in Gliwice, began working for Opel Polska in 1997 as the Manager of Workplace Health and Safety (currently Opel Manufacturing Poland). In 2002 he took the position of Human Resources Manager. In that time he was also active at the European
Center of Workplace Health and Safety Experts at GM Europe. In 2005 he got the position of the Director for Production at GM Manufacturing Poland, which he held until April 2007 when he became the Vice-President of ISUZU Motors Polska in Tychy. After three years he came back to the plant GMMP in Gliwice as the Chief Executive. He successfully conducted in 2013 the merger of two plants: GM Manufacturing Poland in Gliwice (cars production) and GM Manufacturing Powertrain in Tychy (engines production). Opel Manufacturing Poland provides services also for other Opel units in Europe within the Central Functions: Finances, Engineering, IT and Common Services Center in the area of payroll services and finances. The company has been developing its scientific and education activity in co-operation with institutions: The Technical University of Warsaw, The Institute of Welding at the Technical University in Wrocław, and especially effectively with the Silesian Technical University in Gliwice. The Opel plant in Gliwice has run for years the programme for students, and since 2016 it has had the patronage over classes specializing in mechatronics at the Upper-Silesian Education Center in Gliwice.

– Respect for people is most important in management. It is also crucial to be the leader who creates proper culture and awareness in the working environment. The boss must be able to build motivation and be authentic – explains the director. He adds: – The strength of that factory is in its workers who areone, integrated team aiming at one goal. Nobody stands out. Nobody steps back. Nobody puts a load on the team.


This is the motto that the plant has been following for years. Since the plant was built, Opel Astra has constituted definitely the biggest part of production. Currently, Astra K
is manufactured, and the first one was manufactured on 29th September 2015, it won the prestigious title of the European Car of the Year 2016. It is the first model on the market, which introduces the premium technologies into a compact car available to everyone. The standard equipment includes the lights for day drive made in LED technology, heating and electric steering of mirrors, electric steering of the front windscreen, the steering wheel active support, ABS, ESP, HAS. Depending on the version, the vehicle may be equipped also with, among others, the multimedia system with 4 or 6 speakers and 7-inches or 8-inches touchscreen; navigation, rear camera, system for drive change – Sport, Opel Eye camera with the system of warning about a crash and an automatic breaking system for low speed, the system of warning about an unexpected changing of the lane with the system for keeping the lane, the system of identifying the road signs, and also the matrix front lights IntelliLux LED. Astra has received the highest safety mark of Euro NCAP five stars.


Opel Manufacturing Poland takes many actions to protection the environment. On the plant premises there is a water treatment station, the sewage treatment plant, and also devices for air protection. The plant runs the policy of “zero-dump”, and this means that no kind of waste produced at the plant is not put to a waste dump. Investments in solutions optimising the energy consumption contributed to increasing of the factory effectiveness without increasing of the electric power use, and consequently – it reduced the emission of the carbon dioxide. Effects of those actions have been appreciated by the Ministry of Environment who awarded the manufacturer for Particular Scientific-Research Achievements in 2010.


At the moment the manufacturer focuses on preparing for production of petrol engines PureTech, for the fourth time in a row called the International Engine of the Year in the category of 1-1,4 litre. The award has been granted by the jury of the 20th edition of the competition “The International Engine of the Year Awards.”.