Edyta Walęciak-Skórka – The first Polish Designer of the Future, business and personal development trainer, coach and motivational speaker. The owner of the Wyższy Poziom Training and Coaching Centre and the Designers of the Future Academy. The creator of the revolutionary development tool Dream Designing System, enabling you to achieve the desired results. The author of the best-selling book “TOMORROW STARTS TODAY, or how to design your dreamt future” and “Dream Coaching. WAY TO FULFILL”.


Imagine what your life would looked like today if you had the power to design the future? If you could achieve everything that is important to you? Who would you become? Would you be financially independent, have other job? What would your relationship look like, what would you have time for? What would your life look like? Would you be here, where you are now, or somewhere else?

Imagine, that you can be extremely happy!

Do you think it is impossible? It is not!

All you need to do is to know the most effective system – the future designing system, and you’ll be able to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Dream Designing System, because it is all about it, wasn’t created by theoreticians, but was created in real life. It was born of dreams and hope for a better future. All the tools, that are inside, its author first tested on herself and then on those who wanted to change. She rejected what was weak and left only what caused a real change. Thanks to this system thousands of people have changed their lives, starting from thoughts, through personal and professional life. Now it is time for you!


  1. D as DECISION – first: make a decision, that you do not agree with what you have now, that you want more from your life, that you are ready to invite change to your life.

  2. R as a RESULT – secondly: realize what exactly do you want, what should be the result of your actions, where are you going, what is your goal.

  3. E as EDUCATOR (or EDYTA ) – thirdly: find your educator, your teacher, a person who will immensely believe in you, your capabilities and your dreams. Someone, who will support you, encourage you to act and enjoy your successes, because it is difficult to win alone.

  4. A as ACTION PLAN – fourth: create an individual action plan. Specify exactly what you will do in a half-year, quarter, month, week and day.

  5. M as MOTIVATION – fifth: inflame the motivation inside you and then change it to inspiration. This is very important. Because motivation is a fire that burns in front of you, and it still needs external motivator to burn with an uniform flame. Inspiration is a fire that is lit up inside you. Become a fire.

  6. D as DO AN ACTION – sixth: get up and take specific actions. Without action you will achieve nothing. It could be the smallest things, such as calling the right person or signing up for training. Do it! Otherwise, everything is pointless.

  7. S as SUCCESS – seventh: learn how to enjoy your successes. Celebrate them and express gratitude that you can experience them.

However, seven steps are not enough to achieve success. You still need to know and apply these 5 rules that will affect your perception of the world and, consequently, the effectiveness of your actions:

First rule – You’re always OK

Remember! Whatever you do, if you act with a good purpose, you are OK. Whoever you are, you are OK. It doesn’t matter if you are at the top or just rising from your knees. It doesn’t matter how you look, where you live, what school you finished, how old you are or what you do – you are OK. The fact that you want a change, you want more from your life, is OK. The fact that you don’t want anything more, because it’s good for you as it is, it’s OK. You’re always OK.

Second rule – Look into the future

The past is in the past. You can’t influence her. You can’t change it. However, it gave you something valuable, something that stands you out from others, gave you experience. Nobody else in the world has such experience as you, and that’s what makes you an exceptional person. Therefore, live in the present, but look into the future.

Third rule – bury them

Dedicate it to all those who say: “You are not good enough for it!”, “You are too old for it”, “you can’t do it”, “who will buy it”, “fool, why do you need it?”. They want to take your dreams away, be beyond it and do your own things.

Fourth Rule – Surround yourself with the right people

It is much easier to win, when we have friendly people around us. Think about who, from your beloved, relatives or friends, inspires you and helps you succeed and who limits you. Consciously and carefully choose people whom you spend time with.

Fifth rule – Everything you need to achieve your dreams, you have inside yourself

Believe it, and impossible will become possible. You have all the information and resources you need to achieve your goals, you only need to free them and use them, and you can start living as you always wanted to.

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