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Marek Krupiński has been the Executive Manager of the UNICEF Poland Association for twelve years. The manager has been awarded the title of Leader by Vocation for his full engagmement in co-ordination of activities done by that humanitarian organization according to the rule that every child, regardless of birth place, skin colour or religion, has the right to a healthy and safe childhood.


UNICEF, the organization established by the Polish man, doctor Ludwik Rajchman, provided help in Poland since it was started. The first transports of humanitarian help came already in 1974. Right after the end of the second world war, the Polish children received clothing and medicines thanks to the support of the UNICEF donors from other countries. Now the situation has changed. In 2002 Poland was included by the United Nations Organization among the highly developed countries. Today, thanks to the help we received in the past, we are able to help others on our own.

Currently, the main goal of the UNICEF National Comittee is to get funds for realization of plans and programs supporting children in the developing countries and to participate
in all campaigns to support in the situations of natural disasters, such as tsunami. Earthquakes, droughts, floods, and also those caused by human beings, such as wars, eg. in Syria.

– Our activity is split into three parts – explains Marek Krupiński. – The first one – Advocacy, is the protection of childern’s rights, co-operation with schools and colleges in Polan, and also education to develop skills. The second one – Fundraising, an individual and business activity involving raising funds for support programmes around the world. The third one deals with communication and marketing.


UNICEF has created the idea of supporting charities by well-known persons from the world of culture and sport. As the first organization in the world, already in the 50s, invited famous people to support activities for children. UNICEF Poland invited for co-operation the Goodwill Ambassadors: Majka Jeżowska, Małgorzata Formniak, Magdalena Różczka,
Artur Żmijewski, Robert Lewandowski, Robert Korzeniowski and Łukasz Nowicki. The UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors use their talent and fame with dedication to fight for the rights of the youngest ones and support the mission of UNICEF to ensure every child with the right to health, education, equality and protection against violence. The Ambassadors of Good Will always work pro-bono. In Poland the Goodwill Ambassadors support many UNICEF actions and programmes, for example since 2003 the school actions are supported by Majka Jeżowska. – Among others, thanks to her engagement we co-operate now with 500 of education institutions. In this aspect we are a phenonemon on the world scale – says Marek Krupiński.

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– Now the most important problem is the war in Syria, and also the hard situation in camps for refugees, mainly in Jordan and Turkey. We were with Robert Lewandowski in the Syrian
refugees camp in Zaatari in Jordan – says Marek Krupiński. – In Jordan we were also supported by Robert Korzeniowski, Łukasz Nowicki and Artur Żmijewski. Thanks to their strong messages we showed in Poland how big are the needs of children refugees.


– The second part of our activity is co-operation with business – explains the Executive Manager of UNICEF Poland. „The UNICEF Friend” is a new, unusual programme addressed to medium and big companies. This is a tailor-made proposal for entreprenuers to co-operate with one of the most recognizable organizations that provide help to children. UNICEF Poland also runs the programme dedicated to regular donors, UNICEF365. Thanks to regular donations help is provided everywhere children need it most. The regular gives to the youngest with the necessary support, and also the chance for a better future.

Currently UNICEF Poland runs the campaign „More than one day” supported by the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, Magdalena Różczka. The aim of this campaign is to raise funds to save health and life of newborn babies and to provide mothers with proper perinatal care. You can help via website Moreover, UNICEF prepares reports and information about childern’s situation in the world, to make people think about social inequalities and to encourage to help the youngest ones.