Change of Guards in Argentinian Presidential Palace


Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, departing president of Argentina refused to participate in handing over her function to her successor Mauricio Macri .

The outgoing leftist president and her successor have not managed to agree over the modality of the ceremony.

Ms Kirchner gave a speech last Wednesday in front of gathered supporters and she urged them to take to the streets if they felt betrayed by the new government. Her refusal of participating in the event is a first such case in modern history of Argentina.

Ms Fernandez leaves the presidential palace after twelve years. During that time her husband Nestor Kirchner Ostoić has been a president for four years, then she took over and governed for another eight years.

At that time Argentinian economy became more interventionist, some private enterprises were nationalised, and social welfare programmes aimed at supporting not so well-off Argentinians were developed.

Increased social expenditures, wage increase of budgetary workers and bigger funds for development of Argentinian provinces makes it difficult to administer the country. Centre- right Maurizio Macri receives public finances in bad conditions, a nation divided between supporters and opponents of Ms Fernandez and many economic problems.

Argentines hope the new government will continue social projects introduced by the previous government. Mr Macri has boldly critisised Ms Fernandez’ divisive and combative style of her statements. As one of the prioritiees he presented rebuilding of the relations with neighbouring countries of Latin America.

In his inaugural statement Mr Macri announced the end of fifty years long Peronist rules.


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