In summer, the skin is less of a troublemaker. We all can enjoy the golden tan. The complexion of many people struggling with acne improves. Holiday leisure is reflected on the face, which becomes naturally radiant and relaxed, while fine lines are less visible. How can you keep it for longer?

It is a great opportunity to remember famous and reliable ingredients of cosmetic products: hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and retinol. When used in the right proportions, this golden triad will help dry skin exhausted by suntanning, repel new assault of acne, and restore the young freshness and uniform colour of the skin. Cosmetology has also some new propositions. The above-mentioned substances can be administered in higher concentrations without the risk of irritation. They reach deeper and remain fully active thanks to the liposomal delivery that uses tiny vesicles to transport active ingredients to skin cells. Moreover, the discovery of ever new dependencies creates synergies where two plus two is more than four. For example, not only does one of the strongest antioxidants, ferulic acid protects skin cells from free radicals but also improves the effect of vitamin C, which helps synthesise collagen and of vitamin E, which prevents dehydration of the epidermis. It turns out, something good can be even better!

The scientists improve their understanding of the skin and use this knowledge to help us repair it with great precision. It has been known for some time that the body produces growth factors that bind to cells that need it and stimulate them to produce collagen and elastin and to proliferate. Thanks to the technology to synthesise analogous molecules in a laboratory and improve their stability so that they can be put in a jar, you can enjoy supple skin longer. But there is more. They managed to reach the inside of the cells to restore their youth at the gene level. The latest substances are able to track pieces of the DNA chain that were damaged by sun radiation and remove them, thus minimising the negative effect of the sun on your skin.

If your after-summer skin calls for extra care, the first thing to do is to provide moisturisation, repair, and alleviation of irritations before you focus on reducing discolouration, wrinkles, or acne. Your cosmetologist can support you through selecting the right cosmetics and scheduling a series of treatments to help you enjoy beautiful and healthy skin.

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Oliwia Kawa, cosmetologist at Leśne Spa