Traditions and holidays in January


Celebration of the New Year

January is an extraordinary month. It is the beginning of a New Year and it gives us a huge dose of energy and hope that this time, all resolutions will come true. The first day of the year can be called an international day of rest after a huge, global party. New Year’s Eve is the time when we open our minds and hearts for something new, we “turn the page” which brings us hope and belief that the oncoming year will be the successful one. However, more and more people don’t make resolutions because of previous failures. But we should ask ourselves a question “What have I done to achieve my goals?”Never give up. Go for new plans and aims! With this power let’s see how people around the world celebrate the New Year.

The New Year’s Eve is the craziest and despite cold weather, the hottest night in the year. Parties, public events and discos-hawtever we call that, people on all continents have fun until dawn. And when the clock strikes midnight, champagne is drunk with hundreds of fireworks in the sky.

At midnight we call our family and friends and wish them a happy New Year with good health, love and fortune. Emboldened by various fizzy drinks we also smile at people around us. That night our attitude to the world becomes less serious and a little bit more positive. Maybe we should keep those feelings for the following 366 (this year) days.

There are many superstitions and traditions connected with the New Year. Some of them are almost forgotten. In Poland it is said, that writing our problems down on a piece of paper and burning it will make them disappear. To be honest, this trick works all year long 😉 We should also pay attention to our appearance because it may have influence on success in finding a partner. We shouldn’t do any housework on the New Year’s Eve because we may sweep out good luck. Happy are those, who don’t have to do any cleaning that day 😉

And what about the world? In Spain and Mexico people eat 12 grapes with each strike of the bell. Each fruit is a wish for the next year. The Mexican also decorate their houses with colours reflecting their wishes for the following year.

In Finland people melt lead and later they puor it into a bucket with cold water. Many different shapes appear ant those shapes amy suggest future events. This tradition is called molybdomancy. It is also done in Germany.

In China people paint the front door red what is said to bring luck. People also hide all knives not to hurt themselves because it may also hurt family’s luck.

In Scotland people celebrate Hogmanay. The celebration of oncoming New Year starts on 30th December and continues until the 2nd of January. At midnight people sing carols with their family and friends, drink Whisky, which is said to clear the atmosphere and eat black buns.Their black colour symbilizes coal and it is connected with wealth. There is also a tradition of “first-foot”. The first person to enter a home is supposed to bring luck. It should be a tall dark mam. We sould mention a traditional Scottish song “Auld Lang Syne” which became an international anthem of New Year celebtations. We must have heard that song in one of Christmas comedies on TV 😉

The first to greet The New Year are inhabitants of Kiribati. It is a country located on 33 islands on the Pacific Ocean. Lates, at 12 a.m. (time is described from Polish point of view 😉 ) the people from Samoa starts to celebrate.

One hour later we have an outbreak of happiness in New Zeland and the Eastern parts of Russia. At 2 p.m. Polish time, Sydney celebrates and at 4 p.m., Tokyo.

And gradually we are turning calendar pages in all countries around the world. The last place to welcome the New Year is Honolulu. They do that at1.p.m. Polish time,on January 1st.

In January there are two special days. They are Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s day on the 21st and 22nd of the month. Granny and granddad are one of the most important people in our lifes. They take care of us when our parents are at work, go for long walks, answer hundreds of questions, put up with our moods and save us from dangers. I think the majority of us still remember Sunday dinners’ flavour which is impossible to forget. They are aslo people who we create our first artistic works and prepare performances in the kindergarten. We also share little secrets like chocolate bars or first school failures with them. Moreover, those are grandparents whose patience is tested by grandkids every day. They coped with our first brilliant ideas with calm and smile. And our imagination was unlimited. We cooked our first meals making huge mess in the kitchen, we organised first fashion shows, painted with our hands, drew, played football and so on. They never let us down so we should remember about them on those two special days.

January is a month of hope. This is a part of the year when we have power and will to work and this Is my wish to you. I hope that strong will and faith in impossible will continue throughout the year. Each has an inner strenght to realise all aims. Even if we keep on saying ” I am never successful”, there must have been exceptions from that rule. Have you ever lost weight? Have you ever got promoted? Have you ever been able to go on a date? I think, yes. So let those exceptions be the start of a new point of view. Happy New Year!