A Sportsman’s Diet


A systematic physical training together with proper nutrition is the best way to achieve excellent health, wellbeing and ideal silhouette. In case of men, well- planned physical effort guarantees aroused hormonal activity and increase of metabolism, which helps to mantain masculine and attractive body shape.

Efficiency of organism iproves, mass of fat in organism decreses and whole cardiovascular system works more efficiently.

Though a possibility of achieving full success is realistic only when training is connected with proper kind of nutrition. Physical excercise excellently invigourates organism, yet effects are small or none if proper nutritional values are not provided.

Nourishment consistent with organic requirements is incredibly important, because the process of cumulation of different energetic and nutritional deficits in diet and disproportions in alimentary ingredients may lead to lowering of psychophysical , unwanted changes in body composition and decline of health status.

Thus it is obvious that changes of alimentation aimed at correction of energetic and nutritional value may have significant share in obtaining better results. One of the basic aims of present analysis and examination is between others a detailed analysis in light of energetic dietary value, maintaining basic proportions of nutritional ingredients such as: carbohydrated, proteins, fats, and examining the content of chosen vitamins and minerals.

Detailed analysis of nutrition may demonstrate potential quantitative and qualitative irregularities in light of existing norms and to enable selection of relevant hazards.

Assesment of nutritional style should be prepared based on meticulous interview comprising of information about consumed beverages, products and dishes. Based on results of that examination a detailed dietary plan is established aimed at correction of most committed mistakes.

We believe that systematic and scrupoulous execution of designed dietary plan will allow to achieve better condition and bodyshape as well as will improve well- being and health.




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